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This will be the main Vaxxed page, eventually

Repeal the 1986 National Vaccine Compensation Act

CDC Data Exposes Extreme Dangers of MMR Vaccine


Wealthier, more educated are least likely to vaxx their children

Fill a HHS complaint if you have been vaxx-bullied by a Dr., nurse or hospital

Vaccines have NEVER been honestly tested for safety, according to drug testing standards

Proof the CDC's agressive vaxx schedule IS causing harm

Vaccine Holocaust

Fake News NBC Photoshops a baby picture to give it measles

Dr. Richard Moskowitz, The Case Against Immunizations

CDC Admits No Measles Deaths in 10 Years

Mumps, another dangerous result of Merck's MMR vaxx

Flu vaxx is most dangerous vaxx

Gardasil scam

Corvella tested Infanrix Hexa and found only toxins, no antigens

Main Corvella vaccinegate page

Recent Whooping Cough/Pertussis Outbreaks

Pro-Vaxx Nazis and their tactics

A 6-in-1 vaxx kills 36 infants. Just another day in vaxx-land

Get a flu shot and die

Hpv vaxx

Hyping measles outbreaks

The Measles Vaccine is a Fraud

Measels Hysteria Based on Scientism Not Science

Mealses virus fights cancer

Measles Shmeasles, and a little bite of the Red Pill

Section 13 of vaxx inserts affirm they have NOT been tested!

Tips to prevent vaxx injury and damage

Unvaxxed children do not get autism

Vaccine ingredients

Vaccines, AMA medical ethics and informed consent

Vaxx book reading list

Book review - Anyone Tells You Vaccines are Safe is Lying

Book review - Vaccine Illusion

Book review - Vaccination Voodoo

The Vaxxed spread measles, shedding

Vaxx links

Vitamin K shots at birth

Senate holds a pro-vaxx one-sided circus

Dr. Brownstein: We don't live in Nazi Germany where medical procedures were done without consent