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This is a pretty good video that explores the aspects of 5G and why it is being forced on us

I need to tell you about how I fixed a serious health issue, that as the solution shows, was the result of both wi-fri and the smart meter. For about three years or so now, I have been getting progressively more fatigued. It had come to the point where I was having trouble functioning, trouble getting my tasks done, trouble organizing myself. It was a combination of severe, chronic fatigue and brain fog.

I was researching the evils of these electromagnetic waves that we are being bombarded with on a constant basis. I had bought some ethernet cables and a little converter plug for my kindles and was going to hardwire the kindle tablets and the laptop, and turn the wi-fi signal off on the router, but that is a bit of a job. I decided to just turn the wi-fri off at night when I went to bed. The next morning, after the first time I did that, I woke up feeling refreshed and I didn't have brain fog. I am a skeptic, but I did this and I am amazed at the result! After doing it for a few more days, I realized that my brain fog was gone and I was getting things done.

I decided to go even further, because for a few months, I had been suspecting that the 'smart' meter hanging on the outside back wall was causing my serious, chronic fatigue (not to be confused with the medical diagnosis of chronic fatigue, just chronicly fatigued). After watching a number of videos of people covering their meters with metal mesh, and having it tested before and after with meters that read various electromagnetic signals, I decided to cover my meter.

The information seems to indicate that the grounded wire mesh cuts about 98% of the radiation that the meter spews out. We are told by the electric companies that the meter only revs up and blasts out EMFs during the night, but this is not true. According to citizen reporters, that meters are constantly reving up and down all day long, shooting data to the next meter down the line - to be eventually collected at the power company. (This might acccount for the reports that your electric bill actually goes UP after you have a 'smart' meter installed).

My electric company hasn't come around yet to say they are not getting reading from this meter, so I hope this screen is letting enough radioation through to pass the data along. My nearest neightbors in any direction are at least a quarter mile away, but the meters can blast up to 20+ miles if not covered, and at least a few miles if covered like mine is.

I saw some products that are essentially screen frames that fit over the plastic bubble window in the meter, but they are priced at much more than I wanted to spend. I am a do-it-yourselfer. This is what I did: I bought a roll of un-coated, bare aluminum screening at the big-box store. The smallest roll was a $7 roll. Ok. I also had to get a 6" metal pipe clamp which was just under $2. Since my meter is under the back porch roof, thus sheltered from direct rain, I don't plan to have an issue with aluminum corrosion. My meter box was painted the color of the house, so I took some sandpaper and sanded a 2 or 3mm area of the opening where the plastic round window pops through, so the screen will ground to it when the pipe clamp holds it down along that area. You can see it as the silver ring around the opening. I just cut a section of screen and fastened it to the meter. I haven't bothered trim the screen yet, I might later. Asthetics isn't an issue. The screen grounds against the bare metal of the meter box - the ring area that I sanded - just behind of where the pipe clamp rests. You can see the area as that silver ring around the opening.

The result of doing this was I have energy that I haven't had for at least 3 years. I can get stuff done! As long as I get about 8 hours of sleep, with the wi-fri off, I am full of energy. I really am amazed. I haven't felt like this in years, really. I feel like a new person. I strongly encourage you to turn your wi-fri off at night and cover your 'smart' meter.

It doesn't cost anything to turn your wi-fri off when you go to bed at night and it cost me less than $10, with lots of screen to spare, to cover my meter. I strongly encourage you to try this experiment and when you find how much better you feel, you will be very pleased, unless your neighbor's wi-fri and smart meters are pounding you. If you neighbor has a smart meter close to your house, you can put up aluminum screen on the inside of your privacy fence and that will block much of their radiation.

When 5G goes live in your area and you are constantly bathed in microwaves, aluminum, a neurotoxin most people have in their bodies, most of it through being vaxxed, can lead to the arcing or sparking that you can see in a microwave overn. It gets even more fun when you realize that those microwaves are also demyelinating your nerve tissue. Much more on this later. You will essentially be living in a microwave when the 5G kill grid is set up. You already live in a microwave danger zone with ubiquitous wi-fri and cellular phone waves bathing you 24/7. Aluminum neuro toxin also plays a role in cranial nerve damage and the autism spectrum.

This is a bit of the science of the 5G kill grid - what the millimeter waves do to oxygen, depriving human and animal life of oxygen: Millimeter waves affect the hemoglobin in blood. 5G is 60Ghz waves. 60Ghz is the absorption spectrum of diatomic oxygen molecules. When diatomic oxygen molecules are bombarded with 60Ghz radio frequency signals, the orbital spin properties of the valence electrons are altered in the diatomic oxygen and this renders the diatomic oxygen almost un-bindable to the body's hemoglobin. In addition, the magnetic properties of the hemoglobin molecules are altered. 5G millimeter waves are the perfect weapon aimed at oxygen molecules. Humans and animals don't live without adequate oxygen. Can you say 'slow kill'?

5G and human health risks

According to a federal law (purchased by the best lobbyists money can buy) actually prevents cities and municipalities from considering the health effects of cell towers!!!!!!!! Fascism (our in-effect form of government) simply means that the government, including regulatory agencies, and corporations are in bed together, and screw 'the people'.

Here is a 90 page report on the dangers of 5g. Your eyes will go fuzzy before you finish reading it. Scarry stuff though.

Putting up millions of 5G antennae without a single biological safety test is 'the stupidest idea in history of the world'

Electromagnetic ratiation is harming wildlife

An informative place to start, wifidangers.com

A shorter 8 page report, "Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression".

What I have put here is just a start - there is so very much data out there proving that 5G is very dangerous. Anyone who tells you there is no evidence or no studies is either a fool or lying to you.

These are a few books that I am currently reading, they are quite interesting:

5G is not just a slow-kill weapon, it is also a National Security Threat. 5G is full of backdoors. All new appliances - and some that are not so knew - have cameras and microphones imbedded in them. All of these things can be backdoored - you can be surveilled - by both domestic criminals (NSA, FBI, etc) AND foreign entities. You can be hacked and watched and listened to by anyone who has the backdoor to all of these 'smart' items. 1984 is here and has been for a long time. The 5G kill grid ties it all together. 5g was developed by a foriegn country who is not deploying it in their own country. Think about it.

This isn't specifically related to 5G, but I have been wondering if all of that aluminum dust and other nano metals that are being sprayed all over the country, including California, have contributed to the firenados and the new vicious fires sweeping across that state. Aluminum dust is being sprayed by the ton in chemtrails, now admitted to by the govenment. It eventually falls to earth and lands somewhere, just as snow does. Aluminum dust is very explosive. It is a necessary ingredient in home made tannerite. Throw some on a bondfire and....boom. What would tons of the stuff, having fallen all over the woods and residential areas do when a fire blows through? Just wondering.