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Six Panel Welding Cap Pattern Set

This Digital Download pattern set is for a 6 panel, lined and reversible welding cap pattern set and fully illustrated tutorial on how to sew a 6 panel cap. It is a bit tricky the first time, but once you understand how to sew the crown, it all makes sense.

While my 4 panel pattern set is more divided down closer to specific sizes, because of the nature of the 6 panel cap, I have made 5 different sized cap pieces, 21", 22", 23", 24" and 25". The difference between each side is divided over 6 pieces, so it would be too confusing to make lots of different sized pieces, as is done with the 4 panel cap. I also include an assortment of different length bills.

The fully illustrated pdf tutorial is 25 pages in length. Here is a composite of some of the pages:

The pattern has 6 pages, each is an individual pdf file. This is a composite of the 6 pages. Each page has several pattern pieces on it. You must have access to a printer to print out the pages.

Sewing a 6 panel cap is more involved, if you choose to sew the crown the best way. I also explain the shortcut method where you can simply make two crowns and then sew them together. The illustrated tutorial in a pdf file shows step by step how to make the 6 panel cap.

The 6 Panel Welding Cap Pattern & Tutorial set is $12.95:

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