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Digital Welding Cap Pattern Sets - 4 and 6 Panel

Click Here for 6 Panel Patterns

4 Panel Pattern Sets

These sets are the exact same as the Printed pattern sets at Here except these are digital pdf files zipped up for delivery through your email.

The same four pattern sets are available for digital immediate download:

Small - for head measurements of 20" to 22 1/2" -- Price: $10.00

Medium - for head measurements of 22 1/2" to 23 1/2" -- Price: $10.00

Large - for head measurements of 23 1/2" to 24 1/2" -- Price: $10.00

Xtra-large for head measurements of 24 1/2" to 25 1/2" -- Price: $10.00

Bonus set with ALL 4 sizes, Price: $24.00

This digital download package includes the pattern pieces in pdf files. It also includes the pdf illutrated tutorial and the written instructions in pdf form. Also included is a pdf file with instructions on how to properly print these patten pices.

You can read the pdf illustrated tutorial and the pdf instructions on a mobile device, but you will have to have access to a printer to print the pattern pieces.

These zipped up ditital packages will be sent to your Paypal email address. The files are rather large (bonus is 11.4mb and the others range from 5.6 to 7.7 mb), so it will take a few minutes to make it through the email servers.

Please note that this is a manual email delivery procedure. I do not have a fancy bot to automatically, immediately email you your pattern set. I mail out orders as I check my email through out the day.

SMALL 4 Panel Cap Pattern package:

MEDIUM 4 Panel Cap Pattern package:

LARGE 4 Panel Cap Pattern package:

XTRA-LARGE 4 Panel Cap Patten Package:

BONUS Pattern Package, 4 panel caps:

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