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The Vaccine Holocaust Has Come to America

The incredible evils of today's vaccine scam

Note - this is just a few thoughts while I get my vaxxed pages organized.

How can anyone inject some substance that has NOT been tested for whether it can give you cancer, for whether it can alter your genetic makeup, including your DNA - thus giving you cancer, or for whether it can make you sterile, into the bloodstreams of children? On the product insert of all vaccines, there is a Section 13 which specifically says that that the particular vaxx has NOT been tested for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility!! Really. I am bewildered as to why anyone would inject their child with an untested potential cancer bomb or potential fertility destroyer. And this is before any of the destruction of the developing immune system is even discussed. Are you really so afraid of a basically inoculous disease, one in which most people over 55 years of age had when they were a child, and are better off for it? You are really going to trade your irrational, media-hyped fear of a basically harmless disease (yes harmless unless your immune system is comproised, and then any disease is a threat) for the very real danger of a lifetime of immuno-compromised sickness? Section 13 of the vaccine inserts is the slam-dunk proof that vaccines are dangerous, untested for deadly effects and should be avoided at all costs until and if they are ever tested for causing cancer and infertility. (There has also been no testing as to the dangers of combining numerous antigens into a single 'shot' to be administered at one time. Who in history has ever contracted measles, mumps, tetanus, pertussis, rubella and the flu at the exact same time? Why would anyone think that injecting all of those antigens, adjuvants and assorted toxins into a child's bloodstream at one time is a good idea?).

Vaccines are, quite literlly, assault with a deadly weapon. No hyperbole here. Just reality.

Once you undermine a child's developing immune system, it will NEVER be as good as it could have been. It's potential has been damaged and compromised for the rest of the child's life. The hidden, insidious ongoing damaging effects of the vaccines slowly work their way through the immune system, causing auto-immune diseases, such as peanut allergies. When did peanut alergies start being a problem? Maybe when Big Vaxx started putting peanut oil in the vaxxes, right along with aluminum adjuvants. A healthy immune system is able to handle all of the childhood illnesses when they strike - and they never naturally strike 3 or 4 or 6 at a time thru a needle directly into the bloodstream. Ignore the propoganda and connect the dots.

The immune system needs to be exercised, just like muscles do, and this is done by being exposed to infectious substances and fighting them off. The more infections you fight off, the stronger your immune system becomes. Just as an aside, this is why unfortunate children who are raised in an almost sterilized home environment are weaker and more sickly than a child who lives in a sometimes dusty house with a dog and plays in the dirt.

To again point out the idiocy, you are being propogandized by a measles hype. Measles is a non-issue. It was never considered a problem until Big Pharma developed a vaccine for it. Overnight, it becomes the greatest threat to your health, solved by a vaxx to temporarily postpone contracting the disease, for a few years, then you can get more boosters at regular intervals. More dollars to Big Vaxx

The REAL threat that is ongoing right now is MUMPS outbreaks at colleges. For a millenium or more, humans have been exposed to these childhood illnesses. Measles was first documented in the 9th century. They are no problem if acquired during childhood, when real, lifetime immunity is the result. The problem, a real problem, is when mumps affects a person who was not lucky enough to get the illness while a child, as nature intended. When mumps strikes adolescents or adults, on the other hand, the infection can cause far more serious adverse effects, including inflammation of various organs (brain, pancreas, ovaries and testicles), as well as damage to male fertility. Why do adolescents contract Mumps?, because their temporary vaxx conferred immunity wanes and wears off after a few years - vaxxed immunity is NOT lifetime, real immunity. Robert Kennedy, Jr. does a good job of explaining the Mumps problem Here, at Children's Health Defense. Also, Mumps is one of many dangerous MMR vaxs legacies. Kennedy describes all of the fraud Merck engaged in to gain their lucrative MMR monopoly. Read it and you will know more about Merck and their dangerous measles and mumps vaxx than your doctor and nurse who had been brainwashed to repeat the lie, "vaccines are safe and effective". Truthfully, they are neither - as much real science is proving. All they are is profitable for Big Med (ama) and Big Pharma.

The biggest tragedy here is that because of Big Pharma's greed coupled with government fraud and corruption, the vaccine, with its only short term, temporary immunity, has become widespread and people have been robbed of the healthy opportunity to contract these childhood illnesses naturally, at the right time - as a child, as nature intended. What a terrible tragedy for humanity.

But hey, it's cool right? Totally destroy your child's immune system and then you can run to the allopathic pill pusher in a white coat with a stethoscope around his neck and a state license hanging on his wall and he will fix you right up with a Big Pharma prescription to mask the symptoms of what ever ails you.

You can now make a Federal complaint if someone tries to Bully you into vaxxing your child or yourself

If a medical person tries to bully you into vaxxing yourself or your children, The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) now offers you the ability to write, fax, email, or use the Office of Conscience and Religious Freedom (OCR) Complaint Portal to report cases of illicit vaccine coercion, or simply to voice their concerns about the questionable ways that healthcare service providers push vaccines. Click HERE for more info.

There is a vaccine scandal going on in Italy that is being kept out of the American corporate, corrupt, controlled media, who also get a large percentage of their ad revenue from Big Pharma. This vaccinegate, as it is being dubbed, involves the new populist Italian government wanting to test the vaccines that the previous government was forcing on the Italian children. Many vaccines have been tested and have been found wanting. Actually, one vaxx, Infanrix Hexa, a vaxx with SIX diseases in it that is injected into little innocent babies, was found to have none of the antigens for any of the 6 diseases, but was full of all sorts of toxins. That story is here. I have gathered some of the other testing of vaccine information Here. It is a must read.

It has been proven that vaccines do cause autism. It involves that toxic aluminum used in vaccines. It is quite complicated, but yet very easy to understand. -- I am pulling all the research and conclusions together - hope to have it up in a day or to. The research occurred outside the US, of course, where Big Pharma and Big Vaxx don't control government health agencies and don't control university research funding. The corporate media won't tell you about it either because, among other things, they get massive ad revenue from Big Pharma. You can get started Here, "International scientists have found autism's cause. What will Americans do?" It is incredibly detailed with many interesting references. Six of the world's aluminum experts have worked together to prove this. All from outside the US, of course, Big Pharma territory. This is a book by JB Handley, the man who has pulled this together. I have purchased it from Amazon - they haven't banned it yet.

CDC's own data proves MMR Vaccine is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS

It is amazing that the scam that vaccines are still exists. But, as it is said, "follow the money". Today, with the corrupt revolving doors between the CDC , FDA and private big-pharma companies, the dots are easy to follow. Throw in the fact that in 1986 Congress gave big pharma complete and total IMMUNITY from vaccine damage lawsuits, thus destroying any incentive on the part of drug companies to strive for any form of safety in the concoctions they create to sell to an audience that has been deceived into thinking that they need to be vaxxed to get into public schools and to stay healthy. Do you really think that 'health' comes from the tip of a poisoned needle? Could this have possibly allowed big pharma to start producing all sorts of untested and dangerous vaccines and then have the corrupt CDC and FDA "recommend" their use? There are huge conflicts of interest and a lot of money involved between the vaccine manufacturers and the CDC. The CDC makes money off of the sale of vaccines. The CDC and vaccine makers are the ones who are educating your doctor about vaccines. Follow those dots.

The day will come when vaccines will be looked upon as we today look upon the once wide spread, medically practiced blood letting, leeches and administering mercury as treatments.

Dr. Richard Moskowitz has written an incredibly informative, fact driven analysis on the case against immunizations. If you read it, you will know more about vaxxes than your doctor. The facts, just the facts here. I challenge you to read it and find fault with the facts as presented. Here it is

Bill Gates and the World's Elite DO NOT VACCINATE their own children . . and for good reason

The absolute worst medical decision a parent of a newborn child can make is to allow doctors and nurses to severely compromise the immune system of their infant by injecting him or her with known neurotoxins, foreign proteins, and carcinogens like mercury, formaldehyde, monkey kidney cells, pig viruses, and genetically modified cells from human abortions. That's why billionaire Bill Gates, the infamous and insidious population control freak and Microsoft mogul, refused to vaccinate his own children when they were growing up, even while he promotes toxic jabs all over the world, especially in third world countries.

Read the rest of the story Here, at Naturalnews.com   "Rules for thee, but not for me", eh, Bill?

For other links about this subject, of how the 'elite' refuse to vaxx their children, just YOUR children. It's part of their population reduction adgenda.

Once a vaccine is developed for a disease, that disease becomes terrifying and deadly overnight.

News media creates fear and an obedient populace. Big Pharma manipulates you into a fearful, dutiful consumer of the latest and greatest drug. (ever notice how may drug commercials are on the television?)

Dr. Dalbergue, a former pharmaceutical industry physician with Gardasil manufacturer Merck, was interviewed in the April 2014 issue of the French magazine Principes de Sante.
Here are some notable quotes:

"The full extent of the Gardasil scandal needs to be assessed: everyone knew when this vaccine was released on the American market that it would prove to be worthless! Diane Harper, a major opinion leader in the United States, was one of the first to blow the whistle, pointing out the fraud and scam of it all.

Gardasil is useless and costs a fortune! In addition, decision-makers at all levels are aware of it!

Cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome, paralysis of the lower limbs, vaccine-induced MS and vaccine-induced encephalitis can be found, whatever the vaccine.

I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all times because at some point in time, the evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine, technical and scientific feat that it may be, has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that all the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for the manufacturers.

There is far too much financial interest for these medicines to be withdrawn."

For much more on the Gardasil SCAM, click HERE

The vaxx-nazis had a one-sided media circus in the senate on Tuesday, March 5, 2019. The vaxx-nazis are made up of several groups:

  • The CDC, which owns at least 50 vaccine patents and rakes in millions of dollars by selling vaccines that it recommends. Can you say 'conflict of interest'?
  • Big Pharma, Big Vaxx who rake in billions of dollars, all without danger of product liability.
  • Doctors and other licensed medical folks who have to follow the compromised recomendations of the AMA and CDC, or risk losing their profitable licenses.
  • What the Marxist call "useful idiots". These folks are easily excited by falsehoods that sound good to them. They can be counted to stir up controversy.

Nowhere in this farce of a hearing did anyone mention section 13 of the vaccine inserts. All vaccines are required to have an insert that lists a whole range of information about the vaxxes, including safety information, dosing, side effects, and most importantly, section 13, which without exception, ALL vaccines state that they have NEVER been tested as to whether they can give you cancer, whether they can cause cell mutation or whether they can make you sterile! The reason they aren't studied is simply because yes, they can and do cause those terrible, deadly effects.

For more on this Senate circus, See here.

This is an excellent article by Dr. Brownstein about governments that force medical procedures on the people without their consent.

While 'vaccination' and 'immunization', two different things, are still thought of as a noble idea, the truth is far different. What was 5 doses of 3 vaccines in 1960 has exploded to 74 doses of 56 different chemical cocktails currently, with many more on the way. This is total insanity. Can you not make the connection between increased doses of dangerous chemical cocktails injected into innocent young children whose immune systems are still developing, and the increase in autism rates? In 1960 the rate of autism was 4 in 10,000. Today it is 1 in 68. Yes, there has been an increase in toxic chemicals all around us, but many of the deadly toxic chemicals of the 1950s and 1960s are no longer around (DDT for one example), just as gas is no longer leaded. So while there has always been a changing list of dangerous chemicals surrounding us, there has been an increased number of more dangerous toxins deliberately injected into the veins of innocent children. And then there are those weaponized useful idiots who try to claim that the skyrocketing autism rate is due to better diagnosis. Really? BS. The rate of these deliberately brain damaged innocent children IS increasing, and at an alarming rate. It coinsides with the increase of carcinogenic nerve toxins forced into the bodies of innocent children. The worst kind of child abuse.

Measles Shmeasles and a tiny bite of the Red Pill

Brave new Mom stands up to bully doctor and says "NO" to hepatitis vaxx at birth!

Don't be bullied by doctors. If you read this whole page and the links, you will know more about vaxx dangers than the doctors and nurses who try to bully you into submitting to their will. Read about it Here

The science is settled, yes the vaxx science IS settled, aluminum in childhood vaccines is THOUSANDS of times greater than the 'safe' limit. This video, which is set to start at the 28 minute mark, shows how the CDC used a fake study to test the safety of aluminum - the study tested INGESTED, NOT INJECTED aluminum, and even then, at a lower level. Very deceptive. Why does the CDC lie and twist data to try and prove vaxxes are safe when the slightest study of them shows that they are destroying the health of our children? They are the cause of the autism epidemic and the epidemic of auto-immune diseases. All for a fake claim of preventing normal, once-usual right of passage childhood illnesses that really did give lifetime immunity, and as is now being discovered, prevent cancer later in life.

This is a quick 4 minute video of a former Merk sales woman telling the inside secrets of how vaccines are NOT tested before being put on the market because vaccines are classified separately than 'durgs' and since pharma companies have NO liability for the gross damage their vaccines do, they now have 300 more in the pipeline, ready to shoot everyone up with them.

This woman is a former Merk executive and is speaking before the CDC Advisory Committee - a lot of good that will do. In this video she describes the dangers of drugs and vaccines. Drugs are tested, and retested. Vaccines are classified differently and do NOT need ANY testing! She tells how lots of vaccines are put on the market and children end up being the test subjects. She admits that currently, about 50% of US children have CHRONIC ILLNESS. She mentions that 1,000 independent studies - those not funded by pharma companies, show damage and danger from these vaccines. Americans have never been sicker.

This lady mentions a fact that the pharma companies know but will never admit, that there is a big difference between injection and ingestion. In her example, 95% of the neurotoxin aluminum that is ingested (eat, drink, inhale) is expelled by the body's natural detox processes, but 95% of the aluminum injected into humans via vaccines, goes into the veins and organs, stays in the body and poisons it.

She tells us that the pharmaceutical market is 'saturated', expensive and full of liability. These companies have NO liability for the vaccines they pump out. There are currently 300 new vaccines in development. She tells us that if a pharmaceutical company can call a product a vaccine and not a drug, they can put it on the market. They know that these vaccines cause health issues and they reason that they can then sell more drugs to treat those problems. She sold Vioxx for Merk. She is asking the committee to not be bought off by big pharma when they are setting vaccine recomendations. Watch it, it is only 4 minutes.

8 Doses of Vaccines Kill 2 Month Old Baby

What kind of manure-for-brains idiot injects an infant with EIGHT, not one or two, but EIGHT at once, doses of neurotoxins, green monkey pus, aborted fetus material, DNA particles and other similiar vaxx contents? Oh, wait, Big Pharma/CDC (they are in effect one in the same), said to. This is the routine vaccine schedule given to two month-old babies, even premature babies, in the United States, which has the most infant vaccines of any developed country. Can you say corruption?

Born completely healthy, two-month-old Reid Thomas Day-Englehart was vaccinated on May 20, 2015, with eight vaccine doses, including DTaP (three vaccines in one shot), Hib, polio, pneumococcal, hepatitis B and the oral rotavirus vaccine.

Nine days later, without a struggle and without any obstruction of his airways, baby Reid stopped breathing while asleep on his father's chest. He passed away, nine days later, on May 29, 2015.

Because vaccines must not, ever, be attributed as the cause of death, especially for a child, the 'authorities' always rule something else as the cause of death. There was a bloody-colored mucus on his father's shirt where Reid's head rested on his chest. This blood-like mucus, common in infant deaths, proves there was no obstruction in the airway. More mucus came out of Reid's mouth when his mother performed CPR. An investigation was done, and Reid's death was ruled accidental. The immediate cause listed on his autopsy report and his death certificate 'possible suffocation', though there were no signs or proof that he suffocated or that his airways were obstructed. Vaxx caused deaths have to be covered up or the scam may crumble.

Death, one of the possible 'side-effects' of vaxxes is disclosed in the product insert. But your doctor, who very possibly may be getting a big year end payoff for having a specified high percentage of his patients fully vaxxed, is not going to make those product inserets available to you because if any normal person actually read through those inserts, very few people would be stupid enough to through with the poisoned needle.

Check out the toxic ingredients in vaccines that can cause side effects: www.learntherisk.org/ingredients

As you may not know, vaccine manufacturers are totally immune for the carnage their toxic products cause. Because of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), which preempts all vaccine-related tort liability, the pharma companies that make vaxxes get total tort immunity form any damage their toxic potions cause. Whether it is death, autism or any other level of brain damage or immune system damage, you can not sue them. You have to go to the secret vaccine injury court which, of course, most frequently rules against the families of the vacccine injured children, although the court has paid out over 3 billion dollars in damages, very few cases win. Compensation for a death resulting from vaccination is capped at $250,000. That is the value of your child's life. Nowhere near the billions and billions of dollars big pharma makes peddling the toxic potions.

This full story Here at LearnTheRisk.org

Vaccines are full of some really nasty stuff. I will go into more detail in a bit, but I want you to know just a few of the disguisting and dangerous things that are in that poisoned needle that is plunged into the flesh of innocent children. Cells from an aborted human fetus. Yes, this cell strain has been propogated in labs since the 1960s when this unborn child was murdered in it's mom's womb. Serum from aborted calf fetus blood. Cancer contaminated cells from monkey kidneys. Yes, these monkey cells were part of the scandal of the polio vaccine that caused cancer, not just caused polio. (All polio cases come from the vaccine itself). Formaldehyde. Ethylene glycol (anti freeze). Tri(n)butylphosphate (carcinogen & neurotoxin). Ammonium Sulfate (carcinogen). Antibiotics: Gentamicin Sulfate, Neomycin Sulfate,Polymyxin B, plus others. Sulfate and Phosphate Compounds which can trigger life long severe allergies in children. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), a toxic flavor enhancer. Glutaraldehyde, a toxin that acts like a nerve gas. Artificial sweetners such as Polyribosylribitol and Sorbitol. Amphotericin B which is known to cause irreversible kidney and liver damage along with serious alergic reactions. Large Foreign Proteins such as cow and pig skins and egg and milk particles are deliverately included to trigger a larger immune response. Do you know that there is a large increase in food alergies like milk and nut alergies?Latex is included in the hepb vaccine that if forced on health care workers. Ever wonder why there is such an explosion in latex alergies? Peanut oil - is there an increase in peanut allergies the pase decade or so? Human viruses and foreign DNA. It has been documented that injecting foreign DNA can cause it, or a portion of it, to be incorporated into the recipient's DNA. The horrendous long-term multi-generational implications defy the imagination.Yep, that's right. The list is much longer, this is just a nibble. More details in a bit.

Do NOT consent to allowing the hospital to vaxx your precious new born baby with the HepB vaccine!!

Hep B is a sexually transmitted blood borne disease that is also spread through using dirty needles. Children don't catch Hep B at the playground, or from a sneeze, or from drinking water. The vaccine administered to a newborn baby will have long worn off by the time the child becomes sexually active. If a mother is Hep B positive and has been receiving prenatal care, she certainly knows her status prior to the baby arriving. Administering this toxic vaccine to a newborn is a CRIME. You risk SERIOUS neurological damage for no benefit at all!! The risks are real, that is why the hospital makes you sign off on paperwork, to protect themselves. The explosion in sick kids began in the early 1990s, which coincides with the introduction of the Hepatitis B vaccine. I remember telling them 'NO'.

Recent studies have shown that any immunity conferred by the hep B vaccine series is gone within 2-5 years. Another recent study found that boys who were vaccinated against Hepatitis B were three times more likely to develop autism than boys who were not vaccinated against Hepatitis B. Hep B is a sexually transmitted disease. Infants and toddlers usually aren't out running around having sex, so there is no justification in giving this vaccine.

I just got ahold of the Vitamin K injection product insert - wow, that shot if full of crap too. Do NOT allow those neurotoxins to be injected into the veins of your prescious newborn! I need to tell you about what I found out about the Vit k injection. I admit I am surprised. They never told me! I was stupid to think that it was 'just' synthetic Vit K, which actually is no good but i didn't know it was harmful. It sludges the baby's blood and interfers with the lung changeover is taking place.

Here are a very few interesting links to keep you busy until I can develop this vaxxed section of my site in much more detail. The dangers of injecting your new born with SYNTHETIC vitamin K.

Link to bookshelf page

Healthy Triplets ALL AUTISTIC within Hours of Vaccination!

She signed before her children got vaxxed. This waives all liability the doctor or nurses, or drug manufacturer, has. Think about it - you have to sign away your rights before you allow your child to be vaxxed/poisoned, but you don't sign away any rights before they get a bone set or a tooth filled, or most other medical procedures. But you have to sign off when someone is a white coat injects your child with a syringe of monkey pus and aborted baby dna material. Wonder why. Maybe they know something they will never tell you.

When does this state sactioned poisoning and brain damage stop and the government and big pharma criminals go to prison?

Vaxx developer doctor admits they use lots of aborted babys to make vaccines

Dr. Stanley Plotkin, a major vaccine developer and admitted athiest, admits under oath that lots of aborted babys are used to make vaccines. Their body parts are used to both develop vaxxes and parts of the babies - cells, DNA and such - are actually included in the final vaccines. Their little bodies are chopped up and sliced up and the tissue used to develop the toxins called vaccines that are actually injected into the bloodstreams of other humans. My gosh, people, use your brain and realize what is what happening here, what we have devolved to.

Simply put, we are eating our own children. The dark hearts who develop these toxic vaccines are not the only ones who use aborted baby parts to product products consumed by humans. Aborted baby parts (aka 'fetal tissue') is widely used in food supplements, artificial flavors, additives, sweetners and other products. We are eating our children. It's called canibalism. There is so much material out there about food companies that use aborted baby cells from Senomyx, who sells flavor 'technology'. A number of big name companies are involved, including Campbell Soup, Cadbury, Pepsi, Nestle and many vaxx makers. I will try to put up some links, although a quick search on an un-censored search engine such as duckduckgo.com or yandex.com will provide many links.

Did you know all of this crap is in the poison that you inject into your children and yourself?? Did your wonderful doctor fully inform you before he or his nurse jabbed you? You allowed yourself and your children to be poisoned without fully informed consent - because if you had been fully informed, only a brain dead fool would consent to this profit driven stupidity. And, why would he tell you anyway, if he is a pediatrician, he probably gets tens of thousands, or more, dollars a year as kickback for having a certain percentage, usually in the high 90s, of his patients fully vaxxed. Yes, for real. Many doctors get annual kickbacks from big pharma for pressuring his patients to get vaxxed, or somethimes if they are smart and refuse, they get 'fired' from their doctor.

We will get into why your wonderful doctor did not tell you the truth about the toxins he is injecting into your newborn baby - healthy now, but not for long. One, he probably doesn't know the truth - he certainly didn't learn the dangers in med school, only big pharma's viewpoint $$. Second, many doctors are signed up with big pharma companies to receive kickbacks of many thousands of dollars a year if his 'practice, just love that word' has a 90-something-percent 'fully vaxxed' patient group. That is why some doctors are 'firing' patients who don't want to be vaxxed, it decreases his 'fully vaxxed' percent and can cost him big bucks. Go ahead, ask him if he gets a kickback for having a large percentage of his 'patients' vaxxed. Some don't, many do, especially pediatricians.

Are you aware of a rash of doctors mysteriously dying? Not if you get your news from the corrupt corporate media. These dead doctors all have one thing in common, they are researching autism and its connection to nagalese. Nagalese is a substance created by viruses and cancer cells to destroy human immune system cells. A person with cancer will have a large amount of nagalese in their system. The doctors found that the autistic children they were studying did not have cancer and were not born with their very high levels of nagalese in their blood. They found that this substance was either injected in the vaccine cocktail or was produced by cancer cells that were injected in the vaccine cocktail. Very damning information. These doctors, over 80 so far, have died very mysterious deaths. Much more on this shortly.

Today, these poor, innocent children are being shot up with neurotoxins wrapped in aluminum and other metals, including mercury. A new twist today is that enectromagnetic radiation waves are bombarding us from all directions. We are bathed in cell tower and wifi microwaves. What happens most of the time when you put a piece of metal in a microwave oven? Metals usually don't abosrb the microwaves shooting around inside the faraday cage that is the microwave oven and unabsorbed waves can cause arcing. This happens in a person, both adults an innocent children's bodies, when those microwaves hit the aluminum particles in our bodies from vaccine adjuvents. Ouch, not good. Those aluminum neurotoxin particles also play a big role in causing autism. Much more on that as I get a chance to update my posts. But a hint - it has to do with white blood cells that have been contaminated with aluminum and the damage they cause to cranial nerves. ALL vaccines cause some degree of brain damage. Yes, ALL. We will cover this in more detail, and connect it to how many non-symetrical faces that people have today. This relates to cranial nerve damage by aluminum.

Some of these dead doctors were also looking at a substance, produced by the human body, GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor), and how it has been found to reverse autistic damage and destroy cancer. So what do government agencies do, they make it illegal and stop it's manufacture. The same thing the US government did to injectible vitamin c. When natural doctors found that injecting vitamin C, intravenously, could cure cancer, what does the federal government do? They make it illegal. Why? Because big pharma can't patent it and make lots of money. Follow the money. Curing cancer with natural, unpatentable substances is not profitable. But then, Goldman Sacks recently stated that curing disease isn't profitable!!!!

The Flu shot is another massive, dangerous SCAM. As the masses become more aware of the fraud behind the flu vaccine, Big Pharma and their puppets are going to be working overtime to sell their disinformation. In 2017, the flu vaccine was so ineffective that experts warned there would be a 'Flu-pocalypse'. media pundits around the world declared that the 2017 flu shot was only about 10 percent 'effective', yet companies and hospitals around the U.S. are forcing employees to get vaccinated. The flu shot isn't just a failure, it also spreads the disease.

We need to scream from the rooftops that it is time to stop the sacrifice of our children. These innocent children are caught in the middle of what can only be described as a battle between innocent lives and the very powerful forces of darkness fueled by the billions of dollars greasing the palms of those who make the decisions about mandatory vaccinations.

What causes that terrible scream that so many babies do after being vaxxed? They arch their backs and scream in agony for hours and hours. DPT and other toxic injections cause the brain damage that results in this painful scream. This encephalitic scream lets you know that your precious little baby is now brain damaged. A cytokine storm hits their body because they can not use vitamin D anymore to prevent the now-damaged brain from sewlling and pressing against their little skulls and causing them terrible agony. This is the autism scream; you now know that those poisoned jabs that you allowed have now robbed this little person of a full life. And that vaxx has low efficacy for diseases that aren't problems here anymore! What a needless waste. Call your pediatrician and he/she will say that that is a normal reaction!! And, yes, they are right, brain damage IS a normal reaction to their poisoned needle full of all sorts of vile neurotoxins and other toxins. This is where GcMAF comes into play. Much more on this later...

If you are pregnant and have not researched the truth about the vaxx scandal, for the sake of your unborn child, you need to take a look at this page, it is very informative, Dear Pregnant Mom

Here are a very few interesting links to keep you busy until I can develop this vaxxed section of my site in much more detail. The dangers of injecting your new born with SYNTHETIC vitamin K and HepB (unless your newborn is sexually active)

REVEALED: Cancer industry profits 'locked in' by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines... spurs tumor growth... explains aggressive vaccine push Dead doctors, nagalase and vaccines: What's the connection?

Vaccines, Dead Doctors, and Depopulation: If You Haven't Seen This Video, You Should

'Epidemic' level of peanut allergies now impacting America, but medical professionals won't mention link to vaccine adjuvants

Looking Closer At The Sudden Deaths of Several Holistic Doctors & the GcMAF/Nagalase & Cancer/Autism & Vaccine Connections

The online GcMAF book

Dr. Rima Laibow: These Dead Doctors Told No Lies, Is That Why They Are Dead?

You Can go to public school without being vaxxed

The link on the billboard

Another dangerous, unnecessary vaccine, Merck's Gardasil vaccine, saw a 55% increase over last year's third quarter, netting $1.05 billion in global sales for the third quarter of 2018. Meanwhile, the carnage left behind from mass Gardasil vaccination programs continues to get world-wide exposure, as doctors, scientists, and victims look for ways to oppose mass Gardasil vaccination programs.

The latest bru-ha-ha about all of the "polio-like" paralysis? The common connection between these kids, they were recently vaxxed, although you won't be told about that. Even back in the 1950s, during the "polio epidemic", the medical types knew that the cases were all caused by for diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus vaccinations. A 1998 article in Journal of Virology acknowledged this. Acute Flaccid Myelitis and Routine Childhood Vaccinations: This is Nothing New

Robert F Kennedy Jr just won a big lawsuit against Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), proving that they NEVER in 30 years ever filed the required (by law, The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NVICA) bi annual report to Congress detailing constant monitoring and improving of adverse event reporting and vaccine safety improvement. This proved that DHHS has no idea and has NEVER tracked the mountain of adverse vaccine reactions and damage being done to innocent children in the name of phony disease prevention. They have never raised a finger at working on vaccine safety. It has been a non-issue for them!!! This is a very BIG deal. The government has NOT been tracking the 'safety' of the noxious toxins that they 'recommend' that you inject into your prescious, innocent little child!!!!! This shows that that HHS doesn't have a clue as to the actual safety profile of the now 29 doses, and growing, of vaccines given by one year of age. If actual facts as to the dangerous disaster these vaxxes are for innocent little children, maybe the vaccine scam will finally end. But then again, it is a BILLION dollar a year industry for big pharma. No matter how dangerous it is, big pharma won't go down without a fight.

Why am I going to the trouble to put up this warning page? Because it breaks my heart to see innocent children destroyed and damaged for life because they were injected with numereous toxic cocktails that serve no good purpose other than to destroy human life. The diseases these vaccines are supposed to prevent are really harmless. The vaccine itself is what causes the damage. A damaged immune system cannot fight off natural diseases. I had whooping cough a few years ago. Our whole group did - even the children who were supposedly vaxxed against it. It caused no problems other that a caugh when you are bored. These diseased used to be a normal part of childhood. I have a number of old TV shows videos, including the famous Brady Bunch episode, where a few characters contracted the measles. The Rifleman and a number of other shows had an episode with the plotline involving the measles. It used to be nothing for concern until the drug companies developed a dangerous vaccine 'against' it, then all of a sudden measles became a bad word. Find a video of some of these shows, including the Brady Bunch, where the kids were excited to get the measels because it meant no school for a week. But with mom working out of the house now, that could be problematic, eh? Don't fall for the fear tactics. Chicken pox was nothing to worry about, if you were adequately nurished. Now with the chicken pox vax, shingles is a problem. This is an example of a vax causing a problem and leading to a vax for the vax. What used to happen? People would get chicken pox as a child and then when they grew up, they would be exposed to it again when their children had it and again when their grand children had it. Sort of like booster shots. But now, with so many children not getting the normal run of chicken pox, people are developing shingles.

Well, I have so very much more to come. Stay tuned. Or better yet, do your own research.

And don't trust your doctor. Big pharma pays doctors BONUSES for having a certain percent of their patients vaxxed.

The vaxx insanity will not stop.

In order to discourage people from believing in God, and instead have them put all their faith in the godless state (atheism), scientists for more than a decade now have been toying around with a so-called "fundamentalist vaccine," also known as "FunVax," that they claim will rid people of their "God gene" and make them good little slaves for the New World Order.

Once these viruses are inside a person's body, they systematically destroy the VMAT2 gene that visual mapping shows "lights up" when a person is presented with information about God. Once the VMAT2 is gone, in other words, there's no more "lighting up" going on in in a person's brain as it relates to hearing about God.

Go ahead, roll that sleeve up and let the system shoot you up with whatever they decide you need. Keep trusting your masters, to your own detriment.

For the full story, at naturalnews.com,  click on the image of creepy doctor death with his poison syringe below. You will be taken to the page with this alarming story.

These are clips from atricles that I am writing and will post here.

Nick's Autism was preventable. He was born healthy and 36 shots concluding at 15 months took his future away and gave him Autism. I want justice for my son. I want the people responsible for hurting him to be held accountable. I want this dangerous vaccine schedule to be re-examined and modified immediately so that not one more child be harmed. By the way, my former pediatrician, who did all of this damage, teaches in the Harvard Medical School Pediatrics program - so that's as good as you get these days I guess.

Vaccines cause cancer. Period. Cancer is big business, 124 billion dollars big. One of our country's biggest products is cancer, so why anyone believes the system would ever allow a cure is beyond me.

Gastrointestinal damage is the most obvious result of vaccine damage. When a previously healthy child suddenly starts having multiple episodes of watery and extremely stinky diarrhea every day, and this happens shortly after receiving vaccinations, it is notable as a "vaccine injury." What is not so obvious is that when the child's gut is PERMANENTLY damaged, he or she is no longer able to absorb nutrients necessary to produce NEUROTRANSMITTERS necessary for proper brain function. So when the child develops mood swings, sleep difficulties, and learning disabilities several months later, these issues are not recognized as being related to the vaccine injury because the initial damage occurred many months earlier.

New research also indicates that a very strong part of why the wiring in the brains of children with autism is different is because the mercury and aluminum in vaccines destroys the neuronal connections that are responsible for dendritic pruning. Without the connections that are established via the synapse, pruning cannot take place, so there is an overabundance of neurons in the prefrontal cortex.  Paul Offit, who makes millions of dollars from selling vaccines, is right - autism is about the synapse and dendritic immunity" The article refers to a video where Offit, due to his lack of understanding of the nervous system, actually makes the case that vaccines do in fact cause autism. Rather amusing.

This is a small snippet from a mom with a vaccine injured child, doing her research AFTER she vaxxed her child, instead of BEFORE: I remember running into his room and standing over him with the phone, letting the nurse at the doctor's office listen. She insisted this hysteria was due to "pain from the injection site" and said I should give him more Tylenol. I didn't believe her. The note they sent me home with said to call if he had a high-pitched scream so why were they saying it was normal?

He didn't want to be held. He didn't want me touching him. After 15 minutes of ear-splitting screams I nursed him back to sleep. I was sitting inches from him in his baby hammock chair when he woke the second time. I will never forget the way his arms stiffened up and shot out from his body with his piercing screams. His eyes scrunched tightly shut as he put every ounce of his energy into the terrifying sounds coming out of his teeny, tiny person. He wasn't looking at me. He didn't even know I was there. He went back to sleep and the scream stopped.

I stayed up all night doing the research I should have done 2 months before. His scream was cry-encephalitis, also known as the DTaP scream. It is brain inflammation. It is literally an allergic reaction to vaccines in the brain. It is not uncommon. Had I taken him to the ER, it would have been documented with an EEG. Instead I was lied to by my pediatrician's office until the event had passed.
From Your child is vaccine injured just like mine

And it goes on and on and on...........WHY does anyone Vaxx their children anymore????????

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