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GMO Food Will KILL You

It is an inexcusable scandal that started with Daddy Bush, "Poppy-fields" Bush

I am reading this book, "Seeds of Destruction, The Hidden Adgenda of Genetic Manipulation" by F. William Engdahl. Just in the first chapter, it is full of the corruption between the "Poppy Fields" Bush administration and Monsanto. It all started with the lies and corruption to push the GMO rBGH which kills and destroys milk cows, but hey, it makes money for the farmers and more money and power for Monsanto! This is a page-turner, a must read. As soon as I read more, I will report here about what I have learned. The corporate corruption and government corruption is mind-numming.

Don't believe the shills for these wicked companies that make such destructive things as DDT, Agent orange and GMOs. Eating GMOs hill lab animals and it will kill you too - it just takes a few decades, so you probably won't make the connection.