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PLANdemic - SCAMdemic

18 Months Later it is All Coming Out

This is my new index page. The old page, created about March 2020 when we realized it was a scam. We now know the level of the scam. The original indx page is HERE

The data showing this whole "covid" thing was a long planned agenda item.

I will greatly expand on these points, I just want to get them listed.

The vaccine company known as the CDC has actually admitted that the PCR test is totally unreliable as a method of diagnosis - too many false positives. However, we already knew that even before the covid agenda was started. How? Why the inventor of the PCR himself, Keri Mullis, who won a Nobel Prize for his work, said that the PCR is NOT valid for diagnosis. So, we have government employees, "officials", front and center - that psychopath Fascist-quack-quack-Fauci - who illegally used YOUR tax dollars to fund the creation of the "covid 19" pathogen - lying and misleading and deceiving us about this plandemic. They built their psychological fear project on a LIE of false positives.

A leaked internal document from the British government employees who run their 'health' ministry admits that 56% of their hospitalized "covid" cases were actually admitted to the hospital for some other reason and it was only once they were admitted, during routine testing, the phoney covid test showed them as "covid-positive". This is a deliberate LIE on the part of the government employees. They are deliberately keeping the scam going - what is the agenda? I'll tell you, but you will be incredulous - unless your eyes have been open as to actually runs the world.

People who have taken the experimental, "gene therapy" injection have become walking bio-weapons labs, creating and spreading new variants. (Just as the cold and flu spread around every year, mutating.) They really should have a red "V" on their foreheads so that we know who to keep our distance from. These typhoid-marys are spreading the spike protein around. It has been noticably affecting women who themselves were not vaxxed. Much more on the spike protein. The other two experimental injections inject spike proteins into you body. And, woops, they circulate all through your body and have an affinity for certain organs, especially your reproductive organs. Recall that several years ago the eugenicist Billy Gates said that if he works really hard, he can reduce the population by 10 to 15% through vaccines? I'll provide the video.

A Canadian vaxx scientist has come out and said oops, our bad - it turns out that the spike protein that we thought would be a good choice to transmit the genetic snippets of covid is actually deadly. Two of the experimental vaxxes actually re-program your cells to start creating the deadly spike protein. Keystone cops in the bio-lab. Much more on this as soon as I can write it up.

Not only does the communist Chinese provided genetic snip for the spike protein provide the genetic instructions for your body to start reproducing these bio-weapons, it also has the code to create a medicine-resistant strain of black fungus. If the spike proteins don't get you first (primarily through destroyed blood and circulatory and cardiac issues), the black fungus will.

These eugenics shots/mRNA Covid "vaccines" are changing red blood cells to make them stick together. This explains the blood clot phenomena happing around the world after Covid inoculation. This explains the inflamed heart epidemic happening around the globe after Covid vaccination. This explains the explosion of cases of neuromuscular degenerative conditions. Some victims of covid injections are suffering from cerebral vein thrombosis or deep-vein thrombosis. These are deadly blood clots in or near the brain. Other vaccination victims are suffering from pulmonary embolisms right after getting the Covid jabs. These are happening due to abnormal coagulation, where the entire blood coagulation system has been hijacked and functions out of control, thanks to mRNA "technology". Internal organs are also taking on damage from the vaccines. If these vaccine-induced clots become dislodged from where they form, they can move to an organ or an artery thatís too narrow for it, blocking blood flow and resulting in pulmonary embolism, like whatís happening in these vaccine victimís lungs, stomach, and brain (ischemic strokes).

These medicrats are actually injecting pregnant women with this kill-shot. The true number of women who spontaneously abort (miscarry)from being injected in their first 2 trimesters is 86%. Yes, the covid injection is a baby kill shot. The report was very deceptively written, confusing numbers and confusing spontaneous abortions with still births. It is a crime against humanity to inject a pregnant woman with this kill shot.

As well noted on my original Plandemic page, treatment/cure and even preventives for covid have been known from almost the start of the scamdemic. But criminals, including Quack-quack-Fauci and the CDC bunch have worked overtime to supress and prevent these therapies from being used. Why? Well there is ofcourse the big bucks to be made from the vaxx - royalties for which are also spread around to government employees, such as Quack-quack himself. In a sane world, this experimental gene therapy/spike protein injection would never have been allowed. Recall that the bird flu caper back in the 70s was stopped after less than 100 people died from the shot, but with possibly hundreds of thousands of people - in the US alone - haveing died from the effects of this kill shot, it is still being pushed and mandated. The treatments were originally suppressed because of the nature of "Emergency use Authorization". No EUA can be issued if there is any possible treatment for a disease. The vaxx is part of the agends. But there is a deeper purpose - it's part of the agenda.

The experimental covid injections are not legally 'vaccines', at least not until the cabal went and played Humpty-Dumpty and changed the definition of the word to validate their agenda. Well go into this - such things as there is no adjuvant in this shot.

Do you recall how the hospitalization rate was falsified with the "hospitals are overflowing" LIE? Did you know that your federal government hirelings rigged the payout schedule so that a hospital that could list a patient as covid, received over 10 thousand dollars and if the hospital could manage to hook them up with the ventilator, they got over 30 thousand dollars? That greed motivation helped pump up the fake covid numbers and create fear in the populace. It was all a LIE and a scam. It was part of the agenda. Create such fear in you that you would willingly take the injection.

And ofcourse, there is the face-diaper scam. I have extensive links on the original index page to studies and real truth about masks. Wear your mask and submit, slave.

The legacy big-media does not let you know, but there are many, highly esteemed medical doctors who are trying to get this "vaccine" nonsense stopped. One such doctor is Dr. McCullough. He is not a quack-quack psychopath like little Fauce. Mcullough's extensive list of credentials include being an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine, the President at the Cardiorenal Society of America, Editor-in-Chief of Cardiorenal Medicine and of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, and a Senior Associate Editor at American Journal of Cardiology. He both practices medicine and publishes academic scientific studies. A real doctor, not a bureaucrat. McCullough has "five key messages of scientific truth" surrounding the pandemic that need to be taken into account. First, the virus doesn't spread among asymptomatic people. Second, asymptomatic people should not get tested, as it is "generating false postives, creating extra cases". Third, natural immunity gained after having the virus is "robust, complete, and durable". Fourth, COVID-19 and even the variants are easily treatable at home with early intervention. Fifth, the coronavirus jabs by Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca are "right now are obsolete". He also says that the experimental "vaccines" must ďbe considered unsafe and unfit for human use". Much more on these numerous brave, honorable doctors to come.

So much more to come. Information about this scam is flooding in. Check back often as I manage to get it posted.

The original page, started in March of 2020 has been moved HERE. It is very informative and quite illustrated.