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Currently Available Fabric Selections for SOLID color caps:

Caps are $10.99 each.

TO ORDER a welding cap in a particular color fabric, choose that fabric from the pull down Fabric Choice menu, then select cap size and click on the Add to Cart button.

Caps will be sewn with the same color of fabric on both the inside and outside of the cap.

The caps can be sewn with either closely matching thread, or a contrasting color thread - your choice.

To order additional caps, click the 'CONTINUE SHOPPING' button on the Shopping Cart page.

NEW LOWER SHIPPING CHARGES! These new charges are as close to actual postage as I can estimate because everything is 'zoned' now.

Shipping charges for US orders only are: 1 - 4 caps = $2.95, 5 - 6 caps = $4.95, 7 - 9 caps = $6.95, 10 - 24 caps = $8.95, and over 24 caps is $18.00. (All orders of 5 or more caps are Insurred - this protects you in the event that the Post Office loses your package.)

Canadian cap shipping charges: 1 - 4 caps = $7.00, 5 or more caps = $27.00 (I have had to adjust Canadian shipping charges because the Post Office continually raises rates and adjusts mailing programs. In order to insure a shipment, I must mail it Priority International, and that costs between $25.00 to 27.00).

A special note for Canadian orders, you must provide a Paypal Confirmed shipping address, and insurance is NOT available for regular First Class parcel air mail to Canada, which is how I ship 1 to 4 caps. You must agree to this, because I do not accept responsibility for what the Post Office does to uninsurred mail after I mail it. However, they have never lost or damaged any parcel to Canada that I have mailed in the past 5 years.

I do NOT any longer accept any other international orders, including no orders for the UK because Global Priority mail costs have gotten out of hand. Please DO NOT make an international order, I will CANCEL it as soon as I find it.

~ If you have any questions, please email me at support@blueroseweb.com.

Please be sure to let me know, in the "notes" section of the Paypal shopping cart, whether you want these solid color caps High OR Low crown. (Paypal does not allow me a 3rd option on my shopping cart, so I can not have you click that info - you must let me know separately). Thank you.

Fabric Choice :
Cap Size :

Note: until I can get my shopping cart updated to accept Thread Color, if you wish your caps to be sewn with a CONTRASTING thread color, please tell me so in the 'Note/Message' section of the Paypal payment form. If you do not tell me otherwise, I will set the cap with a closely matching thread color.

Note: the colors as they appear may not be true to the acutal fabric - depending on your computer screen. Solid Turquoise 
Solid green fabric Solid tan fabric Solid red fabric
The green on the left is very bright, the green on the right is a 'pea green' Solid color light tan - like the lt. tan in the 'desert' camo fabric Solid red - 'crayola crayon red'
3 colors of blue Lemon yellow Solid black
Light, medium and darker blues Solid Lemon Yellow Plain 'ol solid black
Solid White Solid Orange welding hat
Solid White Solid Orange Solid Turquoise
Solid 'crayola' Brown Solid Orange welding hat
Solid 'Crayola' Brown Solid Burnt Orange