Section 13 of Vaxx Inserts

Below are the clips of vaccine manufacturers' inserts for some vaccines. As the inserts show, they are NOT tested for their carcinogenic or mutagenic potential. Simply put,this means that they have not been tested, and certainly no long term testing, for their ability to give you cancer or their ability to mutate your genetic material, usually DNA, and thus increases the frequency of mutations. Because many cellular mutations can cause cancer, mutagens are therefore also likely to be carcinogens. A few of the vaxxes have had limited fertility testing, on rats, for very short time periods.

If a doctor does not provide a patient with the product insert for the vaxx he wants to jab them with, he is violating AMA medical ethics , and international laws. Some vaxxes come in a multiple vial pack with only one copy of the insert per back, already violating ethics in the way it is packaged.

These snips of section 13 of product inserts for some vaxxes give the vaxx name and state that they have not been tested for their carcinogenic or mutagenic potential or impairment of fertility. This is pretty serious stuff. NO ONE should ever consent to be a guinea pig for these toxic concoctions. Did you unerstand what I just said? They have NOT been tested for whether they can cause cancer. Or whether they can mutate your genetics. Or whether they can impair your fertility. It's Game Over - don't get shot with this crap - and do NOT allow your children to get shot up with these toxins. This is the smoking gun that tells you that vaccines are dangerous and should be immediately stopped, everywhere, for everyone.

Section 13 of these inserts were written by the drug companies' lawyers. It is their indemnification clause. It effectively says that they can poison you, give you cancer and make you sterile and there is nothing you can do about it as far as holding them legally responsible. It is CRIMINAL to inject children with these untested toxins. CRIMINAL.

Here are a few clips of section 13 of some vaccines. Below the images is a link to my page where you can fine the entire insert, including section 13, in pdf form for about 5 dozen listed vaccines.

Here is my page where you can download a pdf file of the entire vaccine insert of some 6 dozen or so vaccines. This link opens in a new browser tab.

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