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Copyright Info

My patterns are protected by copyright.

I've read many threatening and confusing copyright notices and I believe that this copyright bru-ha-ha is totally out of hand.

Here's the deal with my patterns:

When you buy one of my patterns, you have the right to use it to make caps for yourself, friends and family. You may also use my patterns to make caps and sell them to family, friends, and even co-workers at the job site. You do NOT have to buy a separate pattern for each person you sell a cap to as I have read some pattern sellers claim. That is totally idiotic and tramples on fair/reasonable use.

If you reproduce or copy my patterns for reasonable personal use, any limited copies that you make must retain my copyright notice and web address. You do NOT have the right to resell my patterns, mass-distribute my patterns whether free or for charge, post them on the internet, or in anyway publicly publish them.

When you buy my patterns, you may use them, within limited NON-COMMERCIAL reason. You do NOT however, have the right to go into business (selling caps to others than limited friends, family, co-workers) using my patterns as either your product (selling copies of my patterns) OR using my patterns to make your own caps for mass-distribution. If you wish to mass distribute caps made using my patterns, you must contact me and work out a licensing agreement.

You may not, in any way or form, sell or re-sell my patterns for profit.

I spent many hours drawing up my patterns, testing them, and producing a professional looking product and if you are going to use my work as a basis for profit, to make money sewing and selling caps made using my work, I expect a small, reasonable residual.

However, violators will be dealt with as strongly as possible if caught.

My copyrighted Portable Document Format tutorial may not be altered in anyway - may not be added to, taken away from or changed - and all copyright notices and email addresses and web addresses must remain intact. It may NOT be posted to any web site or mass-distributed. It is for limited distribution only when you purchase a Complete Welding Cap Tutorial Pattern Package.