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Welding Cap Patterns

For those who prefer to sew their own, QuiltingB offers welding cap patterns and Sewing Instructions

Our Patterns are for our standard 4 panel, no bottom band, high crown AND low crown welding caps - both high and low are included with each size. Written instructions and materials list are included.

We also offer a detailed, fully illustrated, 17 page Sewing Tutorial in Portable Document Format (.pdf).Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free    This 17 page tutorial takes you thru the entire process of sewing a cap, with step by step illustrations. See the wealth of illustrations and written instructions in the 5 sample pages below.

PRICES: Our Welding Cap Pattern and Tutorial Package is only $12.95 and includes FREE SHIPPING to U.S. addresses. (I am sorry, but due to pattern theft, I can no longer mail patterns to Canada if paid by Paypal.) I can only mail patterns to Canada if paid for with a Money Order in US funds and drawn on a US bank. To do this, please see printable Mail In order form button below. See Note near bottom of page if you wish full details.

With this complete package, you get:

  1. a pattern of your chosen size: small, medium, large or x-large
  2. this fully illustrated 17 page Welding Cap Sewing Tutorial on a CD
  3. and Unlimited email support, should you need it.

Please note that this one Tutorial will allow you to make a welding cap of any size. (All welding caps are assembled the same, regardless of their size).

When ordering, please specify a pattern size. Patterns are available in 4 sizes - small (20" - 22½"). Medium (22½" - 23½"), Large (23½" - 24½") and X-Large (up to 25½"). Please specify patten size as small, medium, large or x-large. Each size includes both High and Low crown versions.

To purchase a welding cap pattern, please specify pattern size.
* Texas residents please add 6.25% sales tax.
Free shipping is for US only.

*** I do NOT sell Pre-Printed PAPER pattern sets internationally except to Canada.
Canada residents, please add $5.50 USD for postage for Paper pattern sets. This is because international postage costs have gotten out of hand.

Simply click the button below for Paypal ordering.

** For those who wish to purchase a complete Tutorial set with all 4 pattern sizes, I have a discounted package that includes the tutorial on a CD, and all 4 pattern sizes for a discounted price of $26.95.

For DIGITAL DOWNLOAD pattern sets,